Shipping & Returns


Downloads only: offers digital download options for the media content. All the audio files would be delivered in MP3 format. All Video Content would be delivered in a format that would be compatible with most of the computers or Laptops. The users themselves at their convenience can choose to burn these Media content (audio or Video files) to a Audio CD, MP3 CD, VCD or DVD (As applicable). One currently does not directly mail the hardcopy to the users, Instead all Media content are currently in digital format and are downloaded by the user only via online


Non-Refundable Return Policy:

All Media downloads are non refundable unless found to be defective. These Cannot be exchanged for a different item, and there are no exception to this policy, if you have downloaded a defective file, Please send us the issue details to If verifies the badfile, We would offer to fix and email you the links to download those valid file(s)

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